Hello everybody, all of the people on my e-mail list whom I know appreciate good music, and live concerts. I’m sure most of you have heard of the “Love It Live” series of 6 concerts that starts this week.
I have to express my excitement here, at the incredible variety of musical styles and excellent musicianship that these six concerts will express.
The first two concerts happen within 15 days of each other, and truly exemplify this difference and excellence;
1. On this Wednesday Oct. 26, WEST MY FRIEND will perform at Pynelogs. These 4 singer-songwriters and great instrumentalists have a huge following in North America, and have created their own fresh approach to indie-roots-folk music that’s interesting and original. They start at7, but there will be a local opening act at 6 P.M.
2. Fifteen days later, on Friday, November 11, THE AMANDA TOSOFF WORDS PROJECT will perform at Pynelogs. I was fortunate enough to see this project at the Edmonton Jazz Festival this summer.
Amanda has put a real variety of different lyrics and poems to intricate jazz compositions, which she performs with a superb jazz quintet. The beautiful voice of Lydia Persaud will deliver the lyrics and melodies, backed by the accompaniments and improvisations of Amanda on piano, the excellent jazz guitarist Alex Goodman, the in-demand Toronto bass player Dan Fortin, and of course drummer (Invermere’s own) Morgan Childs who always seems to excite listeners with the different musical groups he brings home from Toronto (that’s not just a proud father talking, but that’s probably in there, too!).
I don”t think any of you would regret taking a couple of hours out of your evenings to experience these concerts. Check out the information on the Love It Live website, where you can order tickets.
I hope a lot of you can make it to start building a network of live music lovers’ support that will carry over when we have our new theater in the Community Center!

Bruce Childs

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