Solid Lines & Strong Blended Colours

I am an artist who is based in both Calgary, Alberta and the Windermere Valley in British Columbia. I am an acrylic painter who’s love of nature has inspired my bright and vivid paintings. My home surroundings in both the city and in the mountains, have influenced my painting’s mixture of concise solid lines and strong blended colours.

The paintings are an intense and dramatic combination of acrylic paint on canvas with the use of mixed media, which is removed in the final stages of completion. My style encompasses a combination of flowing design and an eye for detail. The process always starts with spending time outdoors, observing and photographing my surroundings. I continue on in the studio, using memory, photographs and my own subtle invention to compose my pieces. While painting, I aim for the highest quality while consistently attempting to push my boundaries. I have discovered the struggle and triumph of painting on both small and oversized canvases while staying true to my clean line style. I have found this especially true while creating paintings from my own inspiration and also challenging myself with client commissions.

I started creating art from a young age and with my need to continue creating, I have progressed my passion into a full time career. After an enthusiastic restart of my painting career in 2017 with a bold and fun new style, my paintings have captured the attention of art buyers, other artists and the online art world.


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