Illuminating a Pattern

As a long-time wood turner, I derive pleasure from giving shape to a solid block of material. Most material, whether wood or stone, has a predictable growth pattern, colour, or grain, but the finished shape of the object alters the patterns, making each piece unique. My choice of Alabaster as a medium was decided by its compromising nature, which makes it hard enough to handle worry-free, but not so hard as to be difficult to shape. My choice to add a wooden rim gives added strength to the most delicate part of a bowl or vessel, its thin edge. Being strong enough to cut thin, Colorado Alabaster allows light to pass through, illuminating a marble patterning not seen clearly on the outside face.

I also make a good number of Ukuleles each year to accommodate my passion for woodworking. Mixing wood and stone allows endless creative possibilities which keep my mind and body active.


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