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Lil Peeps usually features artwork from children aged 18 months to 4 years old created in our Columbia Valley Childcare Centres, but this year we’re inviting all young Valley artists to help create us create the show at home through Lil Peeps Story Inspired Craft Time!

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00am we will be hosting a Lil Peeps Story and Craft Time Zoom Session! Register here to participate.
  2. Get ready at 11:00am with your screen and craft materials. Don’t worry, when we send you the zoom link we’ll also tell you what materials you need. These will be simple things you’ll likely already have at home. And if you’re missing anything, don’t fret! Just let us know and we’ll tell you how to modify the activity.
  3. Join us for 30-45 minutes of story reading and craft time. Creativity will ensue!
  4. At the end of our craft time, take a picture of your little ones work and submit it to the gallery
    • (First name only).

  5. We update the gallery every day around 4pm and 9am so make sure you return then to see your work included!

Missed a day? Internet crashed? Not available at 11:00am for the Lil Peeps Story and Craft Time? Don’t worry! After the zoom session, we’ll be posting the instructions for the day’s craft below. You won’t get to hear the story, but you can still complete the craft and upload it to our gallery whenever you want. 


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