My creative life has been divided between writing and the visual arts. As an author I have written and illustrated 3 books; Waking Up in Banff – a self published colouring book, Almanac of the Infamous – published by Weiser Book in San Francisco, and Cluetrail From Whodunnit to Solution – self published. I have also written, produced and directed over 50 interactive murder mystery scripts.

As a mixed media artist I have been creating and exhibiting since the early 1980s. Early in my career I received a scholarship for a summer art program at the Banff Centre of Fine Arts and earned an Honorable Mention for my entry in the ‘Calgary Climbers Exhibition’ Canadian Mountain Arts Competition at The Nickles Arts Museum. For many years I have been a member of the Canmore Artist Guild.

I grew up in the Bow Valley, spent a number of years on the West Coast and then to the Rockies, this time to the west side and settled in the Columbia Valley.

My view of life strongly influences my art. I believe that although the world appears solid, it rests on the fluidness of possibility.

We live in both worlds. My art is a bridge between these worlds, using elements from both.

The lines flow from possibility onto the canvas. Negative spaces allow our ethereal bodies to wonder subtle realms and the reflective light travels from the subtle world back to the solid world of our day to day lives, bringing with it the opportunity of possibility.


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