I was born and raised in a small town in central Poland. I immigrated with my parents and sister to Edmonton in 1989 at the age of 13. We lived in Alberta for two years and then moved to Victoria, B.C. After finishing a college degree, starting a family and building two successful businesses on Vancouver Island, my husband and I decided it was time to move to the mountains. In 2017 we moved our family to Invermere looking for a slower pace of life in a community where the outdoors became an integral part of our lives. It was a great move for us, our boys have adjusted well to small town living and we are thrilled to be part of such a vibrant community. During the summers I operate the Hungry Rooster Food truck which gives me the opportunity to get creative with food and connect with the community. In the winter I focus on art.

My journey as an artist started as a teen when I came to Canada. Having the access to art supplies at school I quickly learned that I was an artist at heart. We had a little space in our house for an easel and paints and I taught myself. I spent years exploring painting with acrylics on canvas and wood, adding acrylic inks and playing with mix media. Sometimes my acrylic work is deliberate with each brush stroke carefully thought out. Other times I let the canvas and paints take me on a journey of discovery. I came across painting with ink and alcohol on Yupo paper about six years ago and instantly was fascinated with the medium. As I begin each piece it feels as if I am heading on a new adventure. Each drop of the ink combines with the pure alcohol as this unpredictable medium shifts, flows and moves in such ways that are mesmerizing, fascinating and vibrant. Never knowing where the process will take me, I form an intimate and open relationship with each of my pieces.

In 2019 I decided to open my art studio to the community of Columbia Valley and Branchout Creative was born. I have been giving art tutorials and classes so I can share my passion for art with my community. I really enjoy seeing others explore, learn and play in my art classes. For me there is a certain magic in watching someone discover a new art medium for the first time and enjoy the adventure of creating an art piece.

I find my creative inspiration comes from nature and all her shapes, colors and beauty. When I paint, I feel as if I am swallowed up in a different world. Going on a new hike or climbing a new mountain or feeling the power of the ocean and hearing the sounds of nature allow me to engage in a practice of discovery and renewal. My art is a direct reflection of my surroundings and the secret place that exists within my creative mind, a place I can escape to and a place I am happy to be lost within.