I am a Fibre Artist.

I enjoy spinning, weaving and felting. I love to create images with natural and synthetic fibres. I also like to add stitching and beading along with items like polished stones, smooth wood and feathers. I am inspired by the beauty of the outside world. I live in Radium Hot Springs, BC. Our little resort town is snuggled up against the Rocky Mountains; full of wildlife and natural beauty.

I learned to spin and weave over 30 years ago. At that time I also had a full time career as well as being a full time mom. Stolen time allowed me to explore various small and large looms. I made clothing, scarves and purses but eventually I found tapestry weaving the best challenge; that is, creating images in frames, hoops and drift wood.In 2012 I travelled to New Zealand and thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw so many fibre creations from wool, possum fur and felted images! I was inspired to get creative again. I retired in 2013, joined FAN (Fibre Arts Network) and began spinning, weaving, and felting up a storm! It is such joy for me to delve into this passion again and I haven’t stopped.

I am at home in my studio which is a beautiful, bright solarium! Spinning wheel and dyed wool. I obtain local fleece. Wash it, tease it, card it, sometimes dye it and then spin it! I use a Mud River spinner because it has a large spindle and I can put a lot of woven wool on it. Same with felting. It takes me a day or so to felt and dye a lot of wool.

Then I let my imagination go! I gather stones, beads, feathers, wood and start to create images. A walk around Radium Hot Springs seeing Big Horn Sheep or a hike to Sinclair Creek, my favourite hike. The mountains are always close and always stunning….I start with felting pieces of coloured wool together.. Raw felted mountainscape Then I add the detail…fancy stitches, wild flowers such as daisies, tansy and paintbrush. I like the four distinct seasons in our area. I like felting autumn leaves, foxgloves and daisies in spring and summer and bare snow covered trees in winter.

My images are often three dimensional and the beading and detail are missed in photographs. They are meant to be touched. I also Scotch Guard all my pieces.