I have been a working artist, author and art instructor for many years. My preferred artistic language is line. Drawing is a direct method to communicate with viewers often more quickly and intuitively than by speech. I exhibit my works in one person, group, traveling, juried and club exhibitions. My art works hang in collections in Scandinavia, Great Britain, China, USA and Canada. I received grants In 2013/14 and in 2017/18 from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance to create new collections of works. My drawings focus on simplification, abstraction and exaggeration to facilitate design and flow of line; moving away from the representational to focus on the beauty of line. The subject becomes the excuse for the line, which is the object of the artwork. Subjects are usually living things, humans, animals, plants, insects and birds. Also a focus = the character and personality of each subject in a work. Each is a unique individual, affecting and affected by others. Relationships between subjects in a work are of particular interest.