Our annual summer art show features the work of local artists. View their work in person at Pynelogs Cultural Centre from 11:00-4:00, Wednesday through Saturday, or online anytime. Works are available for purchase online and in person in the gallery.

Part 1.

June 24 to July 18 

Part 2.

July 21 to August 15, featuring works from Kate Hale, Alice Hale, Amanda Maglis-Long, Paulina Takarski & Neal Weisenburg.

Part 3.

August 18 to September 12, featuring works from Kim Olson, Jack Olson, Jon Howlett, Andy Brooks, Kate Goldie, & Jim McElroy.

Part 4.

September 15 to October 3, featuring works from Angelique Gillespie, Rita Rankin, Elizabeth Segstro, Cat McDiarmid, & Ron Robinson .