Savouring this Corner of our Amazing Planet

As a painter of my natural surroundings, I want to more than merely capture an image. Creating in a realistic style is more challenging than most might think! Photography is part of my process, which permits me to examine and select multiple perspectives of a subject.  This allows me to develop a layered approach to my acrylic paintings.  In the past twelve years, my art has depicted mountains, wetlands, forest, lakes, wild flowers, and some of the creatures who inhabit these areas.  Even though I strive for truthfulness to my chosen subject, I very much want the viewer to sense the spirit and vitality.

To keep my work dynamic I follow and study a number of artists.   I study how great paintings work and then adopt these principals. Experimenting with an assortment of brushes, ranging sizes and shapes of canvases, top quality paints, and varying the viewpoint from which I compose a painting, keeps things fresh.  As I work, I am in a zone. My work connects the viewer to my love and deep bond with the natural world.

I have loved the Columbia Valley and all the natural aspects of it and the surrounding area since a child.  I feel it is both an honour and a responsibility to capture it on canvas.  To me, canvas gives this world a permanence that mere photography cannot.  

Join me in savoring the corners of this amazing part of our planet as you take in my paintings…

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